CL ART SHOW 2020 Loomis Chaffee Visual Arts Department

Every year the Visual Arts Department at the Loomis Chaffee School proudly showcases the work of our art students enrolled in college-level (CL) courses with an art show. The current pandemic has made it impossible for us to celebrate our students' accomplishments in the traditional way, so we have decided to showcase our student artists with a spring term online art show.

Students in the CL Art Seminar are a handful of students who have chosen to embark on a yearlong, creative exploration of their artistic visions. The course is planned around several exhibitions that take place throughout the year and each student is responsible for creating a body of work that reflects their own personal interest in both concept and medium. Students are encouraged to rely on their pre-existing technical knowledge and to experiment with new materials as they are guided to create pieces of work that relate to each other visually and through the ideas they convey to the viewer. The culminating exhibits are meant to showcase the rich and diverse community of dedicated artists we have working here in the Richmond Art Center, and their work is always a highlight in the student’s own personal artistic career at Loomis Chaffee. We thank them for their work!

Visual Arts Faculty (L to R): Jen McCandless, Mark Zunino, Christian Ryan, Stacy-Ann "Ro" Rowe

Featured CL Artists

Loomis Chaffee CL Art Seminar Featured Artists (L to R): Natalie Halsey '20, Michelle Park '20, Mia Griffiths '20, Ambrozine Daring '20, Jamie Fiedorek '21, Kelly Eng '20

Mia Griffiths '20

Mia Griffiths is a senior at Loomis Chaffee and has been doing ceramics all four years. Working in the Richmond Art Center (RAC) is one of her most favorite things to do on the Island and she loves the supportive atmosphere. She is currently in CL Art Seminar and spent 4-5 hours a week in the RAC, and she will definitely miss getting to spend most of her time there.

"Untitled" - Ceramic - 2020
"Untitled" - Ceramic - 2020
"Chickens" - Ceramic - 2020
"Untitled" - Ceramic - 2020
"Sunsets" - Glass - 2020
"Ram" - Ceramic - 2020
"Untitled" - Glass - 2020
"Sunsets" - Glass - 2020
"Untitled" - Glass - 2020

Jamie Fiedorek '21

Jamie is a junior at Loomis Chaffee who came in as a new sophomore. She has been creating art for almost all of her life and has always been very passionate about the art she creates. Jamie is currently taking CL Art Seminar and credits her growth within art to her classes and her art teacher Mr. Zunino. She has worked in a variety of mediums, but believes graphic design where she is strongest.

"Welcome to the Roaring 20's" - Digital Art - 2020
"Thunderbird Cafe" - Digital Art - 2020
"Miriam" - Digital Art - 2020
"Belle" - Digital Art - 2020
"The Hottest Spot Around" - Digital Art - 2020

Ambrozine Daring '20

Ambrozine, a senior at Loomis Chaffee, joined the CL Art Seminar because it gave her the opportunity to create and produce any type of art she wants. She also feels honored to have worked with such a talented artist, Mr. Zunino. CL Art has helped Ambrozine to not only grow as an artist but as a person as well.

"Untitled" - Acrylic - May 2020
"Our Class" - Acrylic - May 2020
"She Did It!" - Acrylic - May 2020

Michelle Park '20

Michelle is a senior at Loomis Chaffee from Seoul, South Korea. She has been creating art from the age of 5 years old but has learned so much since attending the Loomis Chaffee School. Michelle credits her use of different medium to the multitude of resources available at Loomis. All of her art has been based on her interests. This year in CL Art Michelle's art is based on culture and the environment throughout the world. She loves that CL Art allows her to study her own interests.

"Empty Space 1" - Digital Art - May 2020
"Empty Space 2" - Digital Art - May 2020
"Focus; just look at my eye" - Digital Art - May 2020
"Pattern and Color" - Mixed Media (drawing/print/painting) - Nov 2020
"Patterns" Series - Pencil and Digital Art - January 2020
"Patterns" Series - Pencil and Digital Art - January 2020
"Patterns" Series - Pencil and Digital Art - January 2020

Natalie Halsey '20

Natalie Halsey is a senior at the Loomis Chaffee School. She started making art when she was in middle school and has been taking art classes at Loomis for the past three years. Natalie loves making art because it allows her to express herself and connect with other people. She spends a couple of hours a day creating art and likes to use watercolor as well as pencil sketches as her medium of choice. Through CL Art this year she started making mixed media dioramas. CL Art means so much to her.

“Berry Picking” - Watercolor - March 2020
“Clam Digging” - Watercolor - April 2020
“Picnicking” - Watercolor - May 2020


Kelly is a senior at Loomis Chaffee and is a current CL Art student. Due to the current pandemic, Kelly did not have access to the Richmond Art Center (RAC) so she has decided to work with colored pencils and paper to create her projects. She is currently working manga characters, where she first started her artistic journey, and is happy to revisit this type of art. Kelly loves CL Art because she can have the time and fluidity to work on what she wants. Loomis allows for space and creativity and she is grateful for the ability to be in Loomis art classes, including CL Art.

"Pink Manga" - Colored Pencils - April 2020
"Untitled" - Pencil - 2018
"London Bride" - Pencil - Work in progress
"Untitled" - Pencil - 2018
"Untitled" - Pencil - 2018
"Untitled" - Pencil - 2020
"Blue Manga" - Colored Pencils - May 2020

We would like to thank all of the artists for their hard work and talent. We are proud to share their work with you and look forward to showcasing even more talent in the future.

The Loomis Chaffee School CL Art Show 2020