Good Life Performance Maleke Orozco

The Spatial Experience

Upon entering the Constans Theatre, the feeling I received was one of grandeur. The setup of the theatre with many theatrical artifacts seemed to make the viewer feel like he/she is entering a show in broadway. As I took my seat in the middle of the audience, I was allowed to view all aspects of the play without missing much. Since the play consisted of using the side doors in the theatre, sitting in the middle was an advantage as I did not have a better perspective of one particular side and could view the whole play. When the lights dimmed, a rush of excitement came through my body as I was waiting for the play to start. The overall size of the theatre seemed to help my experience because since it was realatively small, I felt more immersed in the play. Place should not have much of an affect on the good life as long as your trying to make the best out of it.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with two friends that enjoy theatre. To get ready for the play, we had arrived early enough to read the brochures that were being given out before the play. These brochures helped us to understand some parts of the play that may have caused confusion. Attending with my friends helped my experience because they had caught some things that I did not notice at first. During intermission we discussed these things and gained a better understanding of the play. Shared experiences help achieve a good life as people are meant to have relationships and these relationships make certain experiences better.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helped me gain a better understanding of our culture because it displayed the differences of social class that have been apparent for a long time. The central issue addressed in the performance was the fact that the archbishop and the church did not want Sarah Bernhardt performing in their town. Before the performance, I knew that there was a separation between people of the church and others. This separation was apparent in the first act and was performed greatly. The performance changed my views as people of all classes started to come together for one goal. Unfortunately, this subject matter has no relationship to anything happening in my life at the moment.

The Emotional Experience

The play offers an opportunity for Katharsis because it allows us viewers to come clean with how we want to live. The play showed the tough working conditions for the lower class and this provides an example of the 1900s. Our society has evolved much from this point in time, but the play gave us a perspective to what we do not want our lives to be like. This gives the viewers a feeling of gratefulness for what life has become from what it used to be. Some people have it way worse than you so appreciating the little things helps us in the pursuit of a good life.

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