Going Bovine Angela r,Aaron M, Thomas p

Chapter: 12 "Wherein, Now That I'm Officially Screwed, a Pep Rally is Celebrated on My Behalf, and Staci Johnson Gives Me the Time of Day."

Cameron has Mad Cow Disease. A fatal virus that eats holes inside your brain. As word spreads around town, Cameron is receiving a lot of attention. A pep rally is being held for Cameron to show that there are people who support him. They called it "Cameron Smith Day" on the 20th of February. Cameron is hooked to wires so he can see the pep rally from the hospital bed. While looking in the crowd, Cameron notices a girl glowing with angel like wings with short pink hair.

Chapter 13: "In Which I Check Into the Hospital and Have Encounter with an Angel and Other Strange, Annoying Things."

  • Day nine of being in the hospital, Cameron's trio stoner friends come to visit and just talk nonsense about the nurses.
  • Day Eleven, An old lady, Mrs, Morae, wonders into Cameron's room. Cameron tries to tell her that she is in the wrong room but she shushes him and starts explaining that people shouldn't die in the hospital they should be able to choose were they die. Eventually a nurse comes and finds Mrs. M and takes her back to her room
  • Day fifteen, Chet decides to give Cameron a visit. they have a conversation about Cameron confessing his sins so he can be at peace with himself and with Jesus. Cameron disagrees with all of it and thinks he doesn't need to.
  • While Cameron is sleeping he hears a whisper calling his name telling him to wake up. He realizes its the same girl he sees at the pep rally. Pink short hair, wings. " Wake up, wake up Cameron." Cameron wakes up and he can't breathe his lungs are tight and they have to tube him.

Chapter 14: "In Which I Wake Up"

After Cameron's hallucination of seeing the punk rock girl. He wakes up to a kid named Gonzo leaning over him staring at his face. Gonzo is also sixteen like Cameron, but he is a little more unique. Gonzo is a dwarf. Gonzo's mother is a very often about him and is constantly on him about being careful. During one of their phone calls Cameron decides to put his headphones in so he doesn't hear their bickering and slowly drifts off to sleep.


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