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I have over 25 years experience teaching in all styles of guitar. I can listen to any song, write it, and show you how to play it. Most importantly, I get you to play what you want to play.

I love getting my students to the concert stage and help them become the performer they want to be.

Music lessons of the future include the use of technology and an understanding of how to use the tools of our times. When teaching music it is important to recognize all facets of music. Notation is the language of musicians. Guitarists today often overlook the value of this skill. TABs are an excellent way to develop techniques and learn some fun and interesting songs of today. It is important for today’s guitar player to be well versed at both. Understanding the guitar and its rolls in groups is important. Using technology to provide backing tracks and recording is an excellent way to push this along.

My studio isn’t just about guitar. I like my students to explore all the capabilities there including drums and bass.

..And even keyboards.

Singing with and taking advantage of the benefits of a processor can be a lot fun as well.

I performed for years around the Twin Cities.

This has taken me to exciting places and given me a lot of good experience and knowledge to share.

I love teaching people how to use a looper! I can teach you this exciting skill!

I also teach for District 196 at Scott Highlands Middle School.

This is The Highland Guitar Ensemble. We play a variety of classical guitar based music from the Beatles to Beethoven. It is an excellent way to improve reading and counting, play in a group, and build some comradery with other guitar players.

Making it fun and educational is my top priority! I have been teaching, directing, recording and performing for over 25 years.

I honestly love what I do and will do almost anything for my students. That includes on location video shoots.

Having a studio available is key to exploring your every whim and helping you develop skills to be the musician you want to be. I use todays technology in lessons to provide TABs, music, recording, CDs, and backing tracks. Whether its playing TABs, learning notation, theory and scales, playing with groups and bands, or learning the art of looping, I can help you.

Students are happy here. It’s a quiet, relaxed, and private place. Come look at what they have to say,

Reserve your timeslot today!

Call or TXT: Matt Iverson


Email us at: iversonmatthew@hotmail.com

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