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From it's beginnings, Light continues to be photography's magic ingredient, its secret sauce. The Art of Light: Digital Imaging Workshops perseveres this legacy using photography's newest tools. This workshop series is comprised of four different classes. Each course is two hours long. The location for these workshops is the newly renovated Duke Ellington School of the Arts in northwest Washington, DC.

The Art of Light will be getting down to the real Nitty Gritty. Over the past year, I’ve been asking and you’ve been telling me what you want to learn. So this year’s Art of Light classes at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is offering great new courses with great new instructors, Lorenzo Wilkins and Neil Adams. First, I’ll be offering classes in the Art of Fine Art Digital Printmaking. Lorenzo Wilkins will be offering his seminar on Moving from Photography to Video. In our third seminar, Neil Adams presents the ins and outs of Location Photography with Speedlights. All of these seminars focus on helping professional level photographers, artists, and creatives to acquire the skills for enabling them to move to their potential.

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Location Portraiture Using Speedlights

Once the domain of actors and models, headshots and location portraits are now used by professionals in every walk of life. Today, it is essential for every professional to have a solid, creative and expressive portrait. Neil Adams will introduce you to his streamlined approach for creating authentic location portraits that individuals can use to promote the individual and their craft through their various social channels.

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Intro to Video Production for Photographers

As a designer and photographer in this digital age of new equipment and new ways of “processing” images, the challenge is keeping up with the countless models of cameras, software packages, plug-ins and such. The list is endless! Lorenzo Wilkins learned to just keep it simple and focus on improving the “eye” and to avoid getting caught up in the torrent technology race and focus on developing the skills that allow him to stay relevant as a creative professional. In this workshop he offers insight on how to add video production to your creative arsenal by focusing on the essentials of getting started in video.

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Artists and photographers are realizing that getting their digital vision off the monitor and onto a sheet of paper is essential. This Fine Art Digital Printmaking workshop offers advanced hands-on experience using Adobe Photoshop and Epson inkjet printers. Students will learn what makes a great print as the workshop explores interpreting traditional photographic language and practice with digital tools.

Workshop students will take a sophisticated exploration `of the fundamentals of the digital imaging process, a recommended workflow, and a variety of techniques and tools to broaden their relationship with making photographic imagery. Plus students will start the process of creating their print portfolio.

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