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From it's beginnings, Light continues to be photography's magic ingredient, its secret sauce. The Art of Light: Digital Imaging Workshops perseveres this legacy using photography's newest tools. This workshop series is comprised of four different classes. The workshops location is the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in northwest Washington, DC. Each course is two hours long.

The Art of Light will be getting down to the real Nitty Gritty. Over the past year, I’ve been asking and you’ve been telling me what you want to learn. So this year’s Art of Light classes at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is offering great new courses with great new instructors, Neil Adams, Ken Hipkins, Fran Scott, and Lorenzo Wilkins and . I’ll be offering classes in the Art of the Digital Printmaking, Photoshop: Beyond the Basics, and Photoshop for Beginners. Neil Adams presents the ins and outs of creating The Cinematic Portrait, Lorenzo Wilkins will be offering his seminar on Moving from Photography to Video. New this season, Ken Hipkins and Fran Scott will be offering insights into bringing the worlds of film & digital photography together! Stay tuned for these exciting workshops All of these seminars focus on helping photographers, artists, and creatives in acquiring the skills enabling them to increase their creative potential.

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Photoshop for Beginners

In this workshop, students will be introduced to the essentials of working with Adobe Photoshop. Whether you’re a photographer wanting to get more from their images or an artist needing to process their images for a variety of final uses, this workshop will make Photoshop accessible and comfortable.

Photoshop: Beyond the Basics

To get the most out of Photoshop or Lightroom, you must first understand “why” you are using the tool in the first place.This workshop goes beyond the basics of Photoshop to explore digital image-making, for artistic vision and image design. This workshop will focus on the utilitarian aspects of image making, image preparation, and design.

This workshop was developed with both photographers and artists in mind, teaching participants the proper workflow for meeting their individual imaging needs.

The Cinematic Portrait

Once the domain of actors and models, headshots and location portraits are now used by professionals in every walk of life. Today, it is essential for every professional to have a solid, creative and expressive portrait. Neil Adams will introduce you to his streamlined approach for creating This class will be an introduction to the equipment and techniques used for creating a cinematic headshot.

Students will leave the class with the knowledge that to create a professional headshot one does not need to have an expensive camera or expensive equipment. Students will take away a full understanding of how the photography gear they do have works and be able to maximize its effectiveness.

The Art of Scanning

Photographers who have an extensive library of film negatives & slides and photographers, who are discovering film, learn how to create beautiful files. Introducing the digital workflow necessary for captivating image production starts with the software of the scanner and continues with Photoshop. Ken covers the unique considerations that go with digitizing film and the preparation of those files for high-quality output. Demonstrating how film grain, image resolution, and post-production procedures transform film into gorgeous classic photographic prints that exceed your artistic intention.

Being familiar with desktop scanners lets film photographers the opportunity to produce digital files to create beautiful prints. Learn how!

The Photograph & the Art of Seeing

The intent this workshop is to guide students on what to look for when making photographs. What are you seeing, not necessarily literally, that will transform to the photograph and make your viewer stop and look? Can you make the viewer take on an emotional or abstract involvement as well as a literal meaning? As you stated, going beyond words.I will demonstrate how to decipher that skill of transcending one’s involvement with the environment and capturing the moment at hand, successfully.

Topics include camera operation, principles of exposure, image development, printing, and picture content.

Intro to Video Production for Photographers

Intro to Video Production for Photographers As a designer and photographer in this digital age of new equipment and new ways of "processing" images, the challenge is keeping up with the countless models of cameras, software packages, plug-ins and such. The list is endless! Lorenzo Wilkins learned to just keep it simple and focus on improving the "eye" and to avoid getting caught up in the torrent technology race and focus on developing the skills that allow him to stay relevant as a creative professional. In this workshop he offers insight on how to add video production to your creative arsenal by focusing on the essentials of getting started in video

Learn more about Lorenzo by visiting his website & YouTube channel

The Art of the Digital Print

Artists and photographers are realizing that getting their digital vision off the monitor and onto a sheet of paper is essential. This Fine Art Digital Printmaking workshop offers advanced hands-on experience using Adobe Photoshop and Epson inkjet printers. Students will learn what makes a great print as the workshop explores interpreting traditional photographic language and practice with digital tools.

Workshop students will take a sophisticated exploration of the fundamentals associated with digital imaging processing, a recommended workflow, and a variety of techniques and tools to broaden their relationship with making photographic imagery. Plus students will start the process of creating their print portfolio.

Check out the video link below to see an example of what you can learn.

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