Home for the Holidays: Kayla Frost Frost explores europe during a semester abroad

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At the end of August, most 2017 WHS graduates were packing their bags to head off to college for the first time; however, Kayla Frost, freshman at Syracuse University, was packing her passport and carry-on for a semester abroad in Madrid.

"College is such a huge transitional period even just to begin living on a normal campus, so going abroad is a really cool way to start out that new part of your life," Frost said.

The Notre Dame de Paris (Photo/Frost)

When Kayla applied to the Syracuse College of Arts and Science, she was offered the option to participate in the study abroad program for first-semester freshmen.

“For me, studying abroad was always something I knew I definitely wanted to do so I figured I would apply because I thought it was a cool opportunity,” Frost said. “I chose Madrid because I want to study Spanish in college and to have a little bit of experience with the language as well”.

Mosque of Córdoba in Córdoba, Spain (Photo/Frost)

When travelling to a foreign country, a fear for many students is communicating in a different language. Frost assures that adopting a new language, although a learning curve at first, while immersed in a new country is not as difficult as it seems.

“There are people in my program that had no Spanish background at all, so it is not a requirement to speak the language,” Frost said.

Frost rides camels in Morocco (Photo/Frost)

While abroad, Frost expanded her horizons beyond Madrid and visited a multitude of countries including France, Italy, England, Germany, and Morocco.

The East Side Gallery, Berlin (Photo/Frost)

Aside from adventuring, Syracuse's study abroad program offered many immersive courses.

"I take six classes: a mandatory freshman discussion class, 20th century Spain, sociology, art history, Clash of Titans, which is about religious origins of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and a mandatory Spanish course," Frost said.

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy (Photo/Frost)

Frost also found it easy to make friends while she studied in Madrid.

"Making friends was easy because most of the people here are very open to new experiences and mostly everyone has the same mindset," Frost said. "My favorite memories are from traveling with the friends I made here because it is a really amazing way to get to know people, and see the world at the same time".

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy (Photo/Frost)

Studying abroad for the first semester of freshman year may seem daunting to many students, but Kayla Frost assures that the experience is one-in-a-lifetime.

Frost said, "You also get to see a different part of the world and really expose yourself to new cultures and new experiences, and by the time you get back to campus in the spring, you have already done a decent amount of growing up and gaining independence".

Frost attended a Real Madrid v Fuenlabrada soccer game at Madrid Stadium. (Photo/Frost)

When considering studying abroad, take Frost's advice: "It really opens your eyes to things that you cannot find in a traditional education, and is a good way to become more cultured and have a more mature mindset. If you have the opportunity and the means to study abroad I would absolutely recommend it to anyone".

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