Online Reading and Learning Resources For remote learning

While you are away from the physical library to check out books, you can still access so many books online! Here is a list of some resources to help you find interesting titles to read and listen to! Email Mrs. Lott if you have any questions! dana.r.lott@adams12.org

From the library site (https://thorntonm.adams12.org/classrooms/241) click here on Mackin VIA and use your ID# and regular password to access all of the school's ebooks, audiobooks, and access to database subscriptions. We have SO MANY amazing resources here that you can read and check out!
From the library site click on the Sora icon (https://soraapp.com/library/adamsco) to access the district purchased ebooks and audiobooks. You will need to enter your ID# and password to check out materials.
Introductory videos and interactive ebooks that read to you! TrueFlix is organized by Social Studies and Science topics, these are a GREAT place to learn new facts. If prompted to enter a log in, UN: thorntonint PW: remote
Introductory videos and interactive ebooks that read to you! Bring history to life as you explore the many books in the menu of FreedomFlix! If prompted to enter a log in, UN:thorntonint PW: remote

You can log into BrainPOP to explore videos and topics as well! You can easily "Log in with Google" using your district account to access the hundreds of videos and activities within BrainPOP! It's a fun way to keep your brain active! Check it out!

We have FREE Access to Tumblebook's databases through August 31st! This is an AMAZING resource! Use the links and log in information on the google doc to get what you need!

Check out Scholastic's "Home Base" HERE!!! It is NEW and a fun site containing your favorite characters from popular book series and activities related to the books!

Here's also a link to Scholastic's ScienceFlix page, which should have free access at this time. Fun resources to explore here!

Wonderopolis is a place you can find answers to things you might be wondering about! You can even send in your questions!

Check out Google's Interland to enjoy learning how to be a digital citizen through games and expeditions!

Would you like to LISTEN to books read to you? Audible is a great place to listen! HERE is the link to get started with listening!

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