Alice Coachman olympic high jumper

Young Life

When she was a kid at that time other kids liked to race each other and they would say you cant beat me at a race and she was the one who won the race and they would also hold up a rope and they would say you cant jump this high and she said ok you jump and then I will jump over it and we will see who jumps higher and she jumped higher and they were doing this because she was colored.And when she was young she liked to race but her dad wanted her to sit down and be a lady.Also She was born in 1923.

Education and Career Path


She was in the Olympics and she went to Tuskegee institute high school.She also helped mop the Jim and helped with other stuff like that.So her career path was helping other people and practicing jumps.

First Place Good Job

she won 1st place in 1938

She won 1st place by jumping 5 1/8 feet at the Olympics.She was also the the first black women to win first place in Olympics.And every time before the Olympics started she would stretch and suck on a lemon and say"the lemon of gods will give me luck that is all I need"and that made her feel as light as a feather .And that was her life.And she also made it clear to all colored and not colored ladies that they don't have to sit and be a lady.But sadly she died in 2014.

the book touch the sky.

you should read this

Malaspina, Ann. Touch the Sky. Chicago: Albert Whitman, 2012. Print.

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