You Should Be Here

With tears running down my face I held on to my mother tighter than I ever had before. I knew that the baseball game I had just won was much more than a game. I knew that it meant much more to my family. I stood outside that chain linked fence and experienced a sense of relief. In the chaos surrounding me, I had never been more at peace.

As the sun begins to set behind the trees in right field, Miles Park becomes the most beautiful place on earth. Colors explode in the sky for a brief moment before the lights are turned on. Fans begin to fill the bleachers behind home plate. I arrived to the field like every other day but today was different. I sat in the locker room to think about the game and try to calm the nerves I've been trying to shake all day. Today was the only time I've ever been nervous to step on the field.

Coach Adams stopped me in the hallway at school hours before to ask me how I was doing. Not wanting to talk I quietly said "fine coach". After hearing the news of my uncle passing away I didn't feel like talking to anybody. I spent the last week at the funeral and my grandmothers house seeing family. This is why I was surprised when he asked if I felt like pitching tonight. i quickly agreed just so I could continue on my way. I very soon regretted it. What if I failed? With everything that had happened this week i didn't think I could do it. When I arrived at the field I was very uneasy about being there. We were playing the Covington Chargers who had the best record in our district. I began to warm up with my team, still remaining quiet. I just wanted to do the best I could especially my uncle Cody. It was time to play and suddenly a warm feeling came over me. I no longer felt anxious, or afraid. I knew I was going to get on the mound and do well. We began the game and I started off by striking out most oft the batters. The game was tied until we caught fire offensively in the 3rd inning. By the time we were done the score was 2 to 0. I knew the Chargers wouldn't go down without a fight, they quickly answered with 3 runs of their own. We battled back and forth all the way up until the last inning. We continued to hit throughout the 7th inning and soon we tied the game 3 to 3. coincidentally it was my turn to bat with a runner on second and two outs. The very first pitch I saw, I swung as hard as I could and scored the runner. The crowd was screaming and my team was going crazy. The only thing I could do was point to the sky. The energy around me was unexplainable. We just needed 3 more. I had no doubt in my mind that i could do it. The first batter a pop up, the second a strike out, and the third another strike out. Just like that all worries were gone.

It was crazy to think that something as simple as a baseball game could do away with all my worries. My heart is still heavy for the loss of my uncle. But this was much more than a game for me. When the final strike was thrown, there was no longer a weight on my shoulders and I felt the same pain. This game I will remember forever and be able to tell the story of in the future. This game of baseball truly saved me.

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