Wolves wolf song


Did you know that wolves are meat eaters? Wolves eat deer, rabbits, moose, elk and other animals. So don't get between a wolf and it's meal!

Home Sweet Home

Wolves live in North America, Asia and Europe. Wolves live far away from people so they are not hunted. So keep an eye out for wolves.

You're Not My Dad!

Wolves look like dogs. They stand on four legs and have long bushy tails. Gray wolves can be more than one color. Be careful if your dog looks like a wolf.

New Neighborhood

Wolves live in many places. Some wolves live in tundras, mountains and grasslands. So if you see a wolf den, a wolf is not too far away.

Such a Cute Pup!

All wolves are mammals. Like all mammals, they give birth but the wolf pups cannot see or hear when they are born. They don't eat meat yet but they drink milk.


Wolves are amazing creatures! A group of wolves is called a pack. A pack of wolves can have at least two to thirty wolves in it.

I Hear You!

Owooo! A wolf's howl echoes through the woods. It is calling out to members of its pack. Like dogs, wolves communicate with howls, barks and growls. So if you hear a wolf, run as fast as you can.


Wolves can hear a sound from a mile away. Their top speed is around 25 miles per hour. When they are hunting, they can run up to 35 miles per hour. So you probably won't outrun a wolf.


Some wolves are endangered like Red Wolves. There are only a few Red Wolves alive. So protect them or you will be the one being hunted!


Some wolves sleep during the night and hunt during the day. Other wolves sleep during the day and hunt at night. It is better to hunt at night so the prey doesn't see them. The female wolf must stay back and protect the young from other wolves. so goodbye for now and start a howl *howls*.


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