Cells -Rohan Murray-

The cell is the backbone of all life on Earth. Your pet, your friends and even your favourite foods are all made up of cells. Cells however, aren't visible to the naked eye. Looking under a microscope, you can see an ecosystem of cells.

The Cell Theory

  1. All living organisms are made of 1 or more cells
  2. The cell is the basic unit of structure and organisation in organisms
  3. All cells come from pre existing cells


Organelles are the systems inside of the cell that help it to function. Here's a list of the main organelles and what they do.

  1. Cell wall - Only found in plants, this organelle surrounds the outside of the cell
  2. Cell membrane - This is a section surrounding the cell that only allows small molecules such as oxygen to enter the cell
  3. Cytoplasm - This is the fluid on the inside of the cell in which all organelles float
  4. Nucleus - Also known as the brain of the cell, the nucleus contains DNA and other important information
  5. Centriole - The organelle responsible for the process of cell division

Cells can be classified into 2 distinct groups - Animal and Plant

Plant cells contain chloroplasts, an organelle required for photosynthesis

Plant Cells

This is a diagram of an animal cell. It contains organelles such as; Smooth ER, Rough ER, cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus and the Golgi Body. Unlike a plant cell, it does not contain chloroplasts and a cell wall.

Animal Cell


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