Sarah Pravato An Enthusiast of human connection

Hello! You may be wondering who is this person who dropped a random email into our inbox - trying to land a spot on our team.

Well, I'm Sarah – and I thought this form of introduction would express myself way better than a black&white pdf could. So, please feel free to scroll through and get to know what I am about.

My relevant work experience starts in Summer 2015, where I landed a hostessing job at The Works franchise also located in downtown Burlington!

This job was intimidating at first, as the staff was quick witted and the flow of customers was even quicker. I rapidly learned what it took to direct the front of the house, developing the essential skills of team & customer communication and moving efficiently to keep up with the intensity of a downtown dinner rush.

The Works taught me how important it is to be proud of the quality of the food your place of work produces.

The manager formed a genuine connection with each customer and the kitchen staff exuded enthusiasm about their creations. Being exposed to this kind of passion in a restaurant setting encouraged me to look for those same qualities in my future places of employment.

The Works showed me that small can be mighty and if you make good food - it will sell itself. Also supporting local breweries on tap - this was my first introduction to craft beer. Which leads me to...

Now fast forward a University school year, which brings us to Summer 2016 and the grand opening of local family-owned Culaccino Bar&Kitchen.

The father and son management hired me on as a server as part of their grand opening team. I learned with this new business as I partook in working out the kinks and learning curves that comes with opening up a new restaurant in a downtown location.

Culaccino granted me with an amazing opportunity to work with genuine staff that focused on nurturing a guests experience through human connection and promoted treating every customer like part of the family.

Here, I honed my knowledge of wine and craft beer — becoming more comfortable with sales of certain bottles and becoming more confident in myself. Learning to let my personality shine forward to make guests feel comfortable and cared for - and to show gratitude for their support of our business.

Working at Culaccino was an incredibly fun time, allowing me to connect with amazing staff and exposing me to what it takes to provide a fine dining experience. It taught me a lot, some of the things I have learned is to never be afraid to ask for help and how establishing good relationships with your coworkers makes work seem a lot less like work.

This job exposed me to the dynamic of a patio setting and encouraged communication between the FOH and BOH to ensure customer orders were produced to satisfaction.

Looking to make some extra money during the school year, The Grad Lounge, an on campus bar and pub at University of Guelph became my most current employer.

The space functions as a hub for post graduates to meet with professors, discuss research and hold club meetings. Working here I have learned the most wholistic understanding and appreciation of the dining experience.

Working with a small team of 4, I have developed a thorough understanding of teamwork. In an environment where we are responsible for not only FOH duties like taking orders, making drinks, pouring beer, and interacting with guests (and remembering the name & orders of all the regulars) - but also are involved in preparing and cooking all the orders, and cleaning up after them.

Whether it be working kitchen prep during a lunch rush, pouring endless beers on trivia nights, or really understanding the aftermath of a busy day by tackling a mountain of dishes — working at the Grad Lounge has shown me what it takes to be part of a team where you help out where you can.

Working in multiple customer service jobs, I have been primed to thrive in chaos by keeping a cool and calm demeanor on the busiest of evenings.

After my time at Culaccino last summer, I am now more focused on finding the right kind of work environment I want for myself —one that I believe I can find living in Algonquin. To work with a business that shares my same values of hospitality, connection to nature, and exploration while working in an industry I have grown to love.

I have a passion for immersing myself in the natural beauty of our world and connecting with like-minded individuals along the way and would love to discuss my resume further with you to see if our needs are compatible.

Thank you very much for reading, and hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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