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Along the years certain apps have been increasing in a matter of popularity and in my opinion because for example, Twitter, Twitter gives you the power to express your thoughts even if they are harmful and probably won't have consecuentes because you can do it in an anonymous way. Additionally famous people use them, therefore people want to see whats going on with their lives. Likewise with the people they know, like their friends, family, etc.

Briefing - This isn't exactly an app since it comes attached to one of the pages in the phone my parents bought me. But it has been essential to me because its an app for you to read news of any topic (science, celebrity, etc). The only problem I think this app has its that you can't search a news that isn't recent enough.

VSCO - I downloaded this app because I deleted my instagram account and I wanted to upload my photos somewhere and I heard my friends talking about this app so I downloaded it and I loved it!

Facebook - Facebook is the kind of app you have only because it has become basic. There are so few people around the world that do not have Facebook and have internet access, its really weird. Or maybe not because Facebook allows you to communicate with any person that also has an account, therefore its a possibility that Facebook has made people more social.

WhatsApp - I haven't known someone who doesn't have WhatsApp and in my opinion its because WhatsApp allows you to make plans with the people you know like your friends to meet in a certain place via text instead of having to do the "laborious" job of calling them or their houses.

Youtube - Youtube is like a safe heaven, or maybe not so safe because you can find really peculiar stuff, I think thats the only problem, that some videos aren't appropriate to the general public. However Youtube has given lots of people work (youtubers) which is awesome.

Lesson 2

1. An app to create colors, for example when i paint I want to know what the mixture of certain colors will look like.

2. An App that tells what harmful ingredients packed food have and what are the consequence in eating them continuously.

3. An app that reminds you to eat certain food.

Lesson 4: APP DIVE

Some apps are easier to make than others because they have only one purpose, for example: Temple Run and Minecraft. Temple Run only allows you to move up, down, left or right, its relatively easy to make and easier to understand, however, Minecraft serves for different purposes and gives you plenty of options like building, playing in online mode, search for materials and weapons, etc, so its a more complicated game to create.

Lesson 5

I believe that the best app to create from the brainstorm is number 2 since its information the app can search and will search in the internet, therefore the app itself won't have much work. Additionally I believe that this is an original app since I haven't seen another one that is alike. However there may be some trouble with the app because its possible that some information in the internet is fake therefore we could get several lawsuits.



Lesson 6

My app will improve the health of the person because a lot of products we consume in our daily life are damaging to our bodies.

Lesson 7

The camera is something that the application will definitely need since it could be used as a scanner for the barcode of packed food. With the barcode it is possible that the app can search the web for the ingredients that the product has for the consumer to know what consequences it will have in her/his body in the short and long term. There can also be a use for touchscreen because there could be some cool features for the person to use and make the app much more dynamic. As well as GPS for the phone to detect where you are and investigate in the web the menu of the restaurant you at in case you are in one.

Lesson 8

Brainstorming of features:

1. When is the best time of the year to eat certain fruit

2. Whats the least amount of product you could consume before its damaging.

3. It could have like an Instagram integrated so people can upload pictures of what they ate so if you want to cook it you could ask for the recipe

4. What químicas does the product have

Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Questions

After researching for a while at the App Store there are several apps that are similar yet they are also quite different because of the features that mine would have.

For the first app, which is a color creator i found these three apps: Color Paint Art studio Pro FX, iPlash Color Photo Editor, and Gradient Color, however i couldn't download any of these apps because I would have needed to pay for them.

For the second app I couldn't find any app that was similar to mine, which is the one of the food, or maybe its just that it isn't popular, therefore it didn't show in the first pages of the App Store.

Finally, for the third app theres a bunch of apps that are really alike, like Remind Me Later, Task Notifier, Quick Reminder Note, etc. I believe these apps are the most common, or at least thats what i perceive in the app store, besides games of course.

Lesson 10

Simplicity: There mustn't be a lot of different buttons for the user to not get confused and for the experience to be more enjoyable.

Organization: Use different buttons that represent different types of products for example, liquids from solids, so the user reduces the options of possible chimicals.

Color: There should be vivid colors in the app in order for the user to not get bored and make the whole experience more dynamic.

Lesson 11

Instagram has in my opinion one of the best icons, in other words appealing because of its simplicity, yet the colors really catch your eye because of the gradient effect and the vibrance of it.

Most of the free games in the App Store have a big "Play/Start" button que you first click the app, therefore it is easier for the user to keep using the app. Because nowadays what people want its the simplest way of something because by default is going to be the fastest way.

Even though club penguin is going to "close" because there aren't enough users to support the app nowadays, there was a time when it was hugely popular and with every new task you had a small tutorial to help the user have a better experience by knowing what to do after each button clicked.


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