The Walk By Ben Orr

For this project, I took a walk every day. I took seven different items from the ground and documented them with my phone camera. This project was a lot of fun because I was able to be a detective and find use in the things people didn't want or lost. I found that a few of the items were perfectly fine, and didn't necessarily need to be thrown out.

Item 1: Film capsule.
Item 2: A dime.
Item 3: A magnetic screw driver head.
Item 4: A rubber band.
Item 5: An origami star.
Item 6: A mini Harmonica.
Item 7: A bag clip.

This project lead me to additional questions. Who is missing their important tool for work? Who lost their beautiful origami paper sculpture? When is someone going to realize that the film they had is lost? People will learn from their mistakes, as I learned from theirs.

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