The Great Depression nick sages


Family's packed up because they couldn't afford a house and were looking for somewhere new with work.
Families greeting the president(FDR) because they believed in him and that was their only hope, they would listen to him for comfort knowing everything would be okay.
People rushed to soup kitchens because they were starving and couldn't afford food, lined up for miles.
Work camps for boys over 18 were made so that they could make money and send half of it home to support their families.
People riding the train until they find somewhere to go.
During the 1930s, women stayed home most of the time and worked. They stayed home and worked because they were unemployed and had to do things by themselves such as cooking and cleaning while their husbands were at their jobs.
People living in small hut because that's the best they can get, after losing their house, money and car.


The cinema was one of the few ways of how people escaped their problems. It helped them relieve stress that built up due to troubles in the real world and it helped them become happy.

Home Life

Farmers were going bankrupt because there was a drought so crops wouldn't grow and then causing farmers not to make any money to be successful.
People and family's selling everything they had so they could have money for food and appliances.
families could barely have a home. and made it out or random materials they would find.
woman with her children while her husband is most likely trying to find work so they could eat and pay bills.


Factory's had signs outside because they didn't want to waste any time saying no to men looking for jobs.
Men walking to find work, probably sold their car and lost their home, living in a hoover vile.


Men selling apples for money and probably got evicted from their business area because they couldn't afford it.


Many Americans faced many problems during the Great Depression. Many Americans were losing jobs, losing money due to the stock market crash and lost all of their life savings. Some had to sell all they had like their homes and cars to take care of themselves. Many were starving and many were lined up for miles for soup kitchens. This affected many groups in society not only did it affect the whites but hardly impacted the blacks because there was heavy segregation and not having the same rights even though it was the law. The only people that got by well was the wealthy.

During the Great Depression home life was hard they didn't have enough to eat and many faced discrimination. Many people made mistakes buying stock and lost their life savings in the bank. Many businesses began to close and lay off workers. Fathers didn't have jobs and a lot of people were forced to sell their house or their house was foreclosed because they couldn't pay bills. Many families started to spend more time together and make the most of life. They would often gather around the radio and listen to FDR for comfort or enjoy music. Books became more popular and movies were people escapes for a fun night to ignore the real world. Families moved to hoovervilles and migrant camps.

The economy was in distress. Many people were buying the latest products on credit. Even though they didn’t need the new products and were wasting money. There was a drought in the great plains so they couldn't grow crops. People didn't care about their financial state. The stock market crashed causing millions of dollars lost, their were no crops growing because of the drought and sixteen million people were unemployed.almost half of the country's banks failed due to the stock market crash.

The Great Depression caused many people to suffer and turned people's happy lives into miserable ones. Losing jobs, the stock market crash, the loss of homes, the buying of stocks, the loss of life savings, and the closing of businesses made life very hard for many people. The Great Depression was a time of despair and regrets for many beings.

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