MAY 1: Dad says there are four things I should always remember: do your 'needs' outside, listen to your master, never enter the house if you're muddy...
Also, don't eat your master's homework.
MAY 2: Today I got in deep, deep trouble since I devoured my owner's pillows. What can I say? My toys are being washed!
MAY 3: It was raining all night. When it stopped, the ground was soaking wet!
I liked that.
MAY 4: When the rain stopped, I rushed to my master and jumped on her!
MAY 5: Today I tried to get my master's attention, but she just cooed at me instead. It's so annoying when she does that.
MAY 6: Today I was running so fast, I bumped into a couch! Ouch.
MAY 7: I got lost. My mom said it made sense since I'm less than a foot tall.
MAY 8: Today was a relax and chillax day. My owner placed me on her lap and I enjoyed the beautiful view... SO MANY SQUIRRELS....!
Too many squirrels!
Three things that scare me are: vacuums, big people, and cats. EEK!
Three things that I scare are: squirrels, rats, and my family (sometimes).
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Victoria and Anderson


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