Diagnostic Skills in Chinese Medicine Book 1: The Four Diagnostic Skills

We have partnered up with Cat's TCM Notes and now offering her most recent publication

Diagnostic Skills In Chinese Medicine

Diagnosing patients correctly is the first step to your own personal awesomeness in the clinic. This book, the first of two, will help you build your diagnostic skills as a Chinese medical practitioner.

Master the four basic diagnostic skills:

  • observation and inspection
  • listening and smelling
  • asking questions and basic patient interview skills
  • and palpation

You’ll find valuable information in easy to understand language to help you get a grip on pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis too!

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What are people saying about CATs TCM books?

"An excellent and helpful resource for students and also for colleagues! Cat's TCM Notes are professionally made, with love for the patient and a deep understanding of the complex healing mission. Cat Calhoun has proven to be a highly responsible professional with a humanistic vision of the Art of Chinese Medicine. I highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in acupuncture.”—Georgi M

Cats TCM Notes have been a useful tool long after Chinese medical school. Cat has a profound understanding of ancient text and more over, she is gifted in explaining Chinese Medicine in simple terms. ~Antonika Chanel L.Ac



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