High School Cheerleading Scoring Breakdown

The stunting category is split into difficulty and execution. Difficulty is out of 10 points and the highest execution score you can receive is a 1.5. Within stunts there are four different levels based off skill and majority. Majority is the amount of stunts that stay in the air and complete the stunt. In order to receive majority stunts the team needs half the amount of stunts plus one in the air.

Jumping is scored the same as stunts within the categories of difficulty and execution. It is crucial that the team has full squad jumps to score in the higher range. The team has to have identical height and synchronization with proper form and technique.

Tumbling is a skill that all cheerleaders need to positively impact their team scores. Majority plays a huge role in tumbling along with execution and difficulty. There are three components within tumbling; running tumbling, standing tumbling and jump tumbling. Technique is very important to make the team look uniform allowing them to get the highest score possible.
Pyramids are scored based off of difficulty and execution. There are many types of skills that can be preformed during this section of the routine. Technique is very important during any type of pyramid as they are closer to the end of the routine and usually athletes are tired at this point.