Visit Brazil! This is my one year goal because I've always wanted to go.

Go see my dad in Cuba again. This is also a one year goal because I haven't seen him in 5 years!

In 3 years I want my mother to be a dentist because she'll be happy.

5 year goal is to graduate college because it is necessary for medical school.
10 year goal is a family because I don't want to die alone.
10 year goal is to go to Spain because it's on my bucket list if places I want to visit.
3 year goal is to go Portugal because I would like to see where Brazilians came from.

I want my father with me in 5 years because I miss him.

I want money in a year because money solves many things.
My 10 year goal is to become an anesthesiologist because they make a lot of money and my grandma is one.
I want my grandma to see me graduate medical school in 10 years because it will make her happy to see me following her steps.
I want to graduate in 3 years because I want to be successful.
1 year goal is to have more self confidence because I lack it.
My goal in 3 years is to get a hot boyfriend because I deserve it.
In 5 years i want to meet Katy Perry because she's my idol.
In 5 years I want to be the best person I can be because there's always room for improvement.


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