1. Snapchat-This App allows People to communicate with friends and family

2. Clash Royale- In This game you have strategic tactics to defeat the person your playing

3. instagram-To keep up with new and old friends of yours.

4. Kami 2-This is a puzzle game that helps stretch my knowledge and gas through problem solving

5. clash of clans-A strategic game that you build a base and other people can attack it with different combinations of troops

6. iMessage- to text family and friends

7. ESPN-To keep up with latest sports game scores and sport news

8. Netflix-This allows people to watch movies and tv shows

9. skyword-So people can look at there grades and see if you have missing assignments

10. GameChanger-so people can see when there games and practices are scheduled. this app also keeps players stats.

I like that spark page is user friendly and looks good in a presentation. What I don't like is all the add buttons and that the don't have pages in this format.

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