Montgomery Bus Boycott By Rohan Rokkam Hr. 5

What is the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott took place during the 50's and 60's. It all started when a woman named Rosa Parks, a wife of an active member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), sat in the front of the bus. The bus had a white section in the front, where white people sit, and a colored section where the black people sit. Rosa Parks sat in the front row of the colored section. That day the bus got filled up with white people and there was no more seats in the white section so the white men told Rosa Parks to move, but Rosa didn't move she stood her ground and that's when the police came and arrested her. Since Parks was an active member in the NAACP she called E.D. Nixon, a black leader, to bail her out from jail. This triggered a protest against the bus system. All the black people in Montgomery didn't travel by bus. This tactic was effective because 75% of Montgomery was black, that's about 40,000 people. To make sure that the protest would stay alive the black community organized carpools so that everyone has a ride. The government resisted as much as possible until they said that what happened violated the 14th amendment.

What was the Aftermath of the Boycott?

Even though the Boycott was resolved the KKK was not happy. They shot at the black passengers in the bus and they tried to bomb MLK's house but the bombs were defused and seven members of the clan were arrested. Fast forwarding to 1999, the US Congress awarded Rosa Parks with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor of the congress.

What is a Present Day Event that is like the Montgomery Bus Boycott

A United Airline flight was scheduled to leave Chicago on the 9th of April, 2017 to Louisville. The aircraft was full so the flight attendants asked if any one of the passengers would volunteer to leave the plane and get on the next plane that is going to Louisville. No one volunteered so the flight attendants hand picked the passengers and one of the volunteers was Dr. David Dao and he said no because he payed the money to be on the flight and if it means him getting arrested then that's what it would take. Security boarded the plane and tried to make Dao get off the plane. Dao resisted and was forcefully dragged off the plane violently. This is similar to the Montgomery Bus Boycott because just like Rosa Parks Dao had the right to be on the vehicle, yet both of them were forcefully taken off the vehicle. The event that Dao faced will probably result in a protest against the United Airlines just like the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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