Lets talk asian By Cyrus Gonzalez, Ignacio Marin, and Alexander Mulz

What are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are a set of rights that should be granted to every single human being regardless of race, disabilities, and religion.

But. Not everyone was treated equally.

Cyrus, our Asian, tried to vote but Alex, the voting official, won't let him in. Ignacio is suppose to be a police officer arresting Cyrus.
Now a days everyone including Asians are allowed to vote despite their color.

A civil liberty is a right given to humans that should not be taken.

Privacy is a civil liberty. If someone were to have something that they do not wish to share no one should be allowed to get that information without their permission.

Civil Liberties are a God given right. Holy texts such as the Bible give rights to humans such as, equality for all man. However, society gives different rules and civil rights so some liberties are given but others are earned (freedomoutpost.com). If civil liberties are taken away then they are treated unfairly and like dirt.

The liberty taken away from Asian Americans was that they didn’t have voting power, their opinion was not heard, in other words they were not considered equal. (www.laprogressive.com)

The AALDEF, or the Asian American Election Protection Project, was built to help regulate the Asian population voting.(aaldef.org)

One civil liberty that we notice needs change is the liberty to believe in and worship whatever religion you want. There are many people day to day that are violated on what religion they worship. We as the citizens of the United States of America have the right to believe in whatever God we believe in. Most of the time this right is not protected. We would fight for this through spreading ideas of change on how we see other religions and not criticize them.

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