¡Vamonos a España! Un Actividad para Exploración

Your neighbors are taking a trip to España (Spain) and naturally, they want you to use your excelente Spanish skills to help them plan it! In this activity, you will be working on the state standard 5.2.1. - Collects cultural information through community and internet sources. You'll be using both your Spanish and research skills to help your neighbors prepare to go to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth! Hope you're ready!


You are going to help Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor plan their anniversary trip to España. They are wanting to go to three different cities - Granada, Madrid, and Barcelona. Your job is to create an itinerary for them in all three cities. The itinerary should include three components for each city: a historic location (think castles and landmarks), an activity of the arts (museums, theater, dance shows, etc), and a type of food that they should experience in the city (you could also choose a restaurant). Using the sources provided in this WebQuest, your itinerary will include the three listed components, a picture of the city on a map, and a picture of your choice. You will put all this information on a word document either in the form of a list or of a tri-fold brochure. Be sure everything is in Spanish and as correct as possible (if Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor get lost- they'll need to be able to ask a Native for help!). Make sure it is neat and organized as well. Have fun, and ¡Buena Suerte!


First step: You need to have a general overview of what Spain has to offer. Watch the video above to get some information on Spain. The video may also give you some ideas about different locations that you can include on your itinerary. After getting an idea about the possibilities of this vacation, you'll be able to start your planning!

Step two, Granada: Let's explore the first city on our list. Take some time to look at Explore Granada to find some ideas on what to include on your itinerary. Explore Granada will help you find examples of historic locations and arts activities to include. For food ideas, you can check this article to find restaurants to list on the brochure. You can use Explore Granada for photos as well and find a picture of the city on a map online. Once you have all of your activities planned and photos together, you can add them to your itinerary.

Step Three, Madrid: Madrid- the nation's capital! It's now time for you to plan Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor's stop in Madrid. Click here to look at the official Madrid tourism website to find the best places for the couple to spend their time. Be sure to make the activities different from those that you included in Granada. For example, if they're going to a museo in Granada, don't make them do the same thing in Madrid!

Madrid is a metropolis for cuisine. After looking here to learn about the different types of food you can find in Madrid, read this article to find different restaurants to try. Try to select at least a couple of restaurants for your neighbors to choose from. After collecting your information, add it to your itinerary.

Step Three, Barcelona: Now you're ready to plan the final stop of the trip- Barcelona!

In Barcelona, the Neighbors will be introduced to one of Spain's other languages -- Catalán. Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor will need help translating, so be sure to suggest a translation dictionary for them. You can click on the button below to find a dictionary for them.

You'll want to look for places to include on their trip. Rough Guides is a beautiful website with lots of ideas to include. Again- be sure that your locations and activities are different from things you planned for past cities! They'll still need to eat, so thankfully TripAdvisor constructed a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona based on customer reviews. Once you have all of your information. You should be close to completing your itinerary! Don't forget to add photos of the city on a map (you can just Google pictures for that).

Step 5, Final Revision of Itinerary: Now that you have all of your information, you can organize your thoughts and complete your itinerary. Es muy importante that you have excellent grammar and punctuation in your work. Make sure that your information is organized into three different sections (one for each city) and that all the previous components are completed. Once you have completed the itinerary, save it, print it, and turn it into me for grading. I'm sure I'll love it as much as Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor will.


Below is a rubric for you to use to help check your work. It is very important that you carefully look over your work and check with the rubric before turning it in. Once you feel your itinerary fits the criteria listed, you may print it and bring it to my desk for grading. I'm sure I will love it as much as Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor will!


Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor are going to have so much fun on their trip thanks to you! But I'm sure all that planning makes you want to go to! Below are some videos and links to help you explore Spain even more. Happy travels y Gracias para la ayuda.


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