Payback Time Photos by Wallace Bowden

Friday's Maryville/Oakland semifinal at Shields Stadium produced some remarkable stats. The most remarkable: Rebel senior quarterback Cade Chambers, who entered the game with 1,839 yards and 29 touchdowns passing, attempted only five passes against the Patriots. He was 3-of-5.
The heir apparent, sophomore Carson Jones. Borrowing from Jack Nicholson: Wait'll they get a load of him.
Used sparingly catching spirals, receivers Ashton Maples and A.J. Davis (below) instead threw their efforts behind a brilliant Rebel battle plan: Get the ball to Tee Hodge.
A.J. Davis. He can really throw that thing, you know. Just saying.
Time to go to work.
Senior tight end Brody Sloan is all business.
Go Rebels!
All we can think about is where Wallace must be standing to get this shot. And just how quick is he when it's time to MOVE! Those guys can close the 15 yards you can see here in about two seconds.
Once the pads started poppin', it was straight awesome. Here Rebel linebackers Matt Brooks (85) and Seth Orren (26) snare an Oakland running back.
Dance team approved.
Ethan Ensley (45) was on fire! Along with leading the charge to bottle up the Patriot running game, Ensley combined with linebacker Mason Shelton on the sack of Oakland quarterback Koby Sparks for a safety with seconds to go in the half.
See? Here they come!
Maryville's lead was only five until late in the fourth quarter, but these guys weren't worried at all.
The Rebels attempted only five passes on a night the offense held the ball for more than THIRTY MINUTES with the ground game.
Lou Birchfield gets locked on. The Rebel defense held an Oakland offense that entered averaging 49.5 points per game to 85 yards rushing and zero points. The Patriots scored 80 or more twice this season.
Look at that hole! For many reasons, this is one of the best football pictures ever.