The last chance By Brook Lynn Poggensee

You know when you are bad your parents may say something like "you'll be one the naughty list if you keep that up"? Well this story Is kinda like that but much worse.This story is about a girl named chealsea, she was very mischievous, she was always warned that if she continued her behavior she would go into the clouds. Chealsea lived with her mom, Dad, brother, sister, and uncle. (Accumulation)
Chealsea had just left math class. She had left to go to the mall with her friends. By the time school was over chealsea left the mall. When she was walking home that night she started feeling queasy almost like there was no gravity. She had sat down to take a rest for a little bit when she noticed that she was rising up. (Evaporation)
She started turning into steam! She got swept right into a cloud when a man appeared he was broad, tall, and muscular. The man said "get in!" "Wha..what" she stammered. When she did not go in the man shoved her in. This is called condensation
The man started explaining how she got there and how she can get out. Two days had passed when the man finally came back and let her out. He had said that she had done good and she could go back. She saw a bright doorway and immediately left when she stepped out she started falling first step is called precipitation.
She finally landed but she had landed inside of a pile of dirt. The dirt was like quicksand and sucked her in this is called infiltration. 
She was still seeping and when she got swept into an underground river like thing. This is called groundwater flow. She was then put in a small lake when she got there people were splashing around when she went deeper she finally found her house. She went and she was not scared of the wrath she felt she deserved it. When she walked in the parents are sitting on the couch in silence. rath.... nothing she walked in more when she saw her mother crying she was so happy to see her. From that day forward she was never bad well as that you can put it. 
This is bob I have to be here. He has to be included in this so ..... HIII

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