Technology's Impact on American History National council for history education

Began the colloquia with a little fun!

Place Based Learning -- My Favorite Way to Learn

Multiple Images in the Classroom..Cynthia
Get Up & Go - Shuana
Bernie: Cold War & Monumental Technologies



  1. Tallest single story building in America...What is it used for? -- I know

Why do you think it's restricted?... Went there :)

Missile Row

Looking at Tech Resources

We'll explore more once I return

Huge THANK YOU to National Council for History Education, The Library of Congress and the Astronaut Memorial Foundation, NASA, Bernard Carlson, Cynthia Szwajkowski, Shauna Liverotti, and everyone else who made this learning opportunity a success.

“The probability of success is difficult to estimate; but if we never search the chance of success is zero.” --- Giuseppe Cocconi & Philip Morrison 'Searching for Interstellar Communications'

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