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George Gordon Meade
George was born on December 31, 1815 and was the 10th of 11 children. He was born in Cádiz which is a city in Spain.
During George's early life his father Richard Meade died in the Napoleonic war. After his father's death his family came very close to being financially ruined and moved to Pennsylvania. Due to his family's financial situation George entered the military school, West Point, and he finished 19th of 56.
One challenge George faced is his family's financial situation that followed after his father's death.Another challenge is when he was criticized for not pursuing Robert E. Lee's army after the Battle of Gettysburg.

One of the things that George Meade did is that he was the junior officer during the U.S. and Mexican war. Another thing he did is that he was the General for the Union during the battle of Gettysburg.
How George impacted American history is by winning the battle of Gettysburg against confederate General Robert E. Lee. His victory at Gettysburg turned the tide of the war into the Union's favor.
What I admire about George Meade is that he was able to lead the Union army to victory in Gettysburg even though the Confederates won most of the Battles before Gettysburg. I also admire that he was able to command his army to victory at Gettysburg after being appointed as commander only three days before the battle took place.
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