Elegant Lace Boudoir Welcome & Ultimate Pricing Guide

Meet Your Photographer

Hello Goddesses! My name is Janet I am owner & photographer for Elegant Lace Boudoir and Hickory Hill Photography. I started in Weddings 7 years ago and in 2017 had the chance to fall in love with boudoir! I have 3 children and "help" run a robotic dairy farm with my husband. I decided boudoir was where I wanted to be when I realized how much it was helping me! Every woman deserves the chance to feel not only beautiful but sexy, to know she is worthy to feel this way and that no matter our size or shape we are attractive, sexy, strong, confident, and beautiful!


The studio moved to a quiet country setting in December of 2019. Here we are working on building on and creating the ultimate studio with unlimited options! Now I may be a little bit out of the way but I left the down town city area due to safety issue, and by opening the studio up here have opened up a world of opportunity for myself and my clients! Studio is located in Johsnsonville NY, 15 minute north of Troy, 25 minutes East of Saratoga, 40 minutes west of Mass, and 15 minutes South of Bennington VT. For the time being the boutique will remain online only.

Johnsonville New York, 12094

All about Your Session!!

Your Boudoir Session starts off right from the beginning making it all about you! I will personally hand pick out several pieces of lingerie to help give you some ideas on style, and where to purchase.

As we get closer to your session I will then send you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help me guide you through specific poses, tailor the music to your taste, and know your comfort level. This is a huge part because not everyone has the same level of comfort and would like the same style.

The Day of your session is going to be one to remember! When you first arrive we will chat for a few minutes go through a quick walk through of the studio and where to put your clothes. We will get them hung up on a hanger so it is easier to pick out later on. After we get situated I will get you a mimosa or your beverage of choice and we will get started with hair and airbrushed makeup. A soft but glamours look will be provided. All makeup is cruelty free, hypo allergenic, and water based. You will take home a new provided beauty blender and brush set as well as a pair of magnetic lashes worn at your session.

Once your look has been competed we will get you in one of your outfits. I will from the beginning show you each pose first, after showing you the pose I will get you positioned correctly and then fix any hair or clothing piece to make it perfect. As I begin taking your photo I will give further direction on where to move your arms, hands, head, legs. I try to add movement into every pose to give you a natural flow! Throughout your session I will show you the back of my camera so you can see the magic I get to see!

After your session has been completed I will get to work right away on your session. I will send you a link within 7-10 days with 30-50 gently retouched images. From your link you may pick the images you love. 10 images do come with your session but additional images can be added on for an additional cost. You may also at this time pick any Wall Art pieces or an stunning album to to be made. All final images will get a final retouch done to them and your link will be adjusted so you can download your final images.

Any products ordered can go on a weekly payments plan of 4-8 weeks. Once your installments have been paid in full your wall art or albums will be ordered. Please allow 2-3 weeks for all pieces to be delivered. Once the pieces have arrived at the studio I will do a quality check and set up a time for a product reveal!

Sessions run Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm and must be booked 6-8 weeks in advanced. However I can not guarantee availability as I do book out months in advance. If there is a date you would like my recommendation is to book the date you would like even if it is 10 months out.

Session Attire

Your comfort level will determine my recommendations as well as poses. From chunky sweaters to a tank top and bottoms, or a robe and a silky nightgown all the way to topless or even nude. What your comfortable with will be the boundary of what you wear and what poses you do in your session. NOTE: I do no shoot couples and I do not shoot erotica.

"The experience was a once in a lifetime experience and it was AMAZING! Janet is very down to earth, knowledgeable, and makes you feel extremely comfortable! you are 100% missing out if you do not do this."
"This was the first time I was getting naked in front of anyone, let alone since having my surgery. I was nervous I still looked the way I saw myself. But Janet made sure to show me how everyone else sees me. STRONG, SEXY, AND SO MUCH MORE."
" I felt confident and like I achieved something I for so long thought I couldn't. I was excited and nervous, what if in the end I still saw the same person I see in front of me. But Janet knows how to take a spectacular photo and she made sure to get every flattering angle. I was hoping to love one photo, I ended up loving them all!"
" DO IT!! You will never have another opportunity to feel as sexy and confident as you do when you have the session."
" I felt like I could do a million more boudoir shoots because it made me feel that AMAZING! "
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Janet Parmelee