Tracy Rocca Public Lands

The majestic and sacred national lands are the subject of Tracy Rocca’s upcoming solo exhibition “Public Lands”, which opens at Winston Wachter Fine Arts, New York on Thursday, September 6, 2018.

A subject that is personal to her, the inspiration comes from her time spent travelling throughout National Parks with her husband and two boys.

Her ethereal and mindful series focuses on a variety of threatened natural environments including the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Redwood National Forest and Parks. Every year they have chosen a particular national park or land to explore as a family, giving her the fodder for her current series.

Zion — Work in Progress

“The more remote and off the well-travelled path we go, the more inspiration comes my way,” she said. From secret word of mouth hikes, where they have walked for hours upon hours to get away from others, to shorter bursts of beauty that they have seen as a family unexpectedly, her work is indicative of her personal viewpoint as she immerses herself in the natural surroundings. “For me, these paintings are about preserving a moment in time. The infrastructure of these beloved places is breaking down, and it is noticeable.”

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK — It was our last stop after a 5 week road trip, and we were in awe. Purple and red valleys with a silver winding river...

Like the paintings in her former shows, Rocca captures the essence of her natural surroundings, making acute observations. She then documents in her work, a conscious effort to slow down as she moves through these spaces, often pinpointing the colors and forms that created her initial impression.

Her process, like her paintings is reflective of a gradual, meditative slowing down. There is intentional focus on each brush stroke and a blurring of the original observation, which softens the work. Typically, she paints in the morning, bathed in natural light. All her materials are natural as well – from mongoose brushes to the traditional walnut oil painting medium.

REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK — Miner’s Ridge and James Irvine Loop Trail

The completed pieces all show a deliberate point of light or focus, which draws the viewer in and envelopes them in a meditative focus, which ultimately is formed from the initial composition.

Tracy Rocca, 2017

Tracy Rocca currently resides in New Mexico with her husband and two boys. They will travel to another land or park this year, as a family.

Winston Wächter Fine Arts

September 6, 2018


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