Anaconda Eunectes murinus

Anacondas come from a variety of snakes. They are a little on the heavy side and they come in different colors. They weight between 227 - 550 pounds at its heaviest. They're about 6 to 8 inches long.

A snake in its habitat

The anaconda was first found about 150 million years ago. It first orginiated from in the United kingdom. They are now found mainly in south america. They live in swamps, marshes, slowly moving streams, and tropical rain forest. They stay in very moist climates.

Morphological evidence

Pythons resemble the anaconda because they are both from the boidae family and both inhabited in the winter.
Boas resemble Anacondas because they are both in the boidae family and they swallow their prey whole.

Homologous structure

The alligator has similar homologus structure because they both have long tails.
The chamelons are alike because they both have scaly skin and long flexible tails.

Vestigial structure

The Anaconda use to have two hind legs that is not hidden in the back on their tails.

Transitional fossil

snake fossil

The Anaconda fossil shows how the snake develop throughout the years, For example, the snake a femur to help its lower spine and now it is tucked inside of it's tail because it no longer has a spine.

Comparative Embryology

Snake holding it's embryo

An anaconda evovles in the womb with the tail wrapped around itself,it will slowly unravel and begin to show itself ready to leave it's womb.


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