Space Technology By: Qasem Ali


Satellites help us do all sorts of things. Making calls and watching tv just to name a few. Here is a picture taken by a satellite.

Dangers of Space Technology

One of the dangers of space technology is pollution. This can harm the environment and animals in the area.

Medical advancements in space technology

An insulin pump is a device that that was created to measure an astronauts blood glucose levels, and send insulin to the users body. Now patients all around the world use this device.

The End of learning about space technology?

Overall space technology has its ups and downs. Sure it may be hazardous to the environment but it sure has some inventions that will benefit humans for years to come. But here is still much more to explore about this topic


Created with images by Sweetie187 - "space" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Albertville, France 1992" • SD-Pictures - "industry sunrise sky" • cogdogblog - "The $6,000 Man" • Stefan Baudy - "Question!"

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