Venezuela Language- SpanisH

Capitol of Venezuela

The population in Caracas is 3.0 million in 2011

The largest river in Venezuela

The largest river in Venezuela is called Rio Negro

The tallest mountain Venezuela

The Pico Bolivar is 16,332ft

A mountain chain

AnzoƔtegui is known for its many beaches that border it

Nearest Ocean

The Caribbean Sea is 1.063 million miles long

Population of Venezuela

The population in Venezuela is 31,925,705 in 2016

Largest Lake

The largest lake is named Maracaibo Basin

Natural Disasters

In Venezuela there are usually Earthquakes,Floods, and Hurricanes


The corrdinates of Venezuela is 800N and 6600W

What region is Venezuela in?

There is 14 states in South America


In Venezuela it is almost always sunny, hot, and humid

Natural Diasters

The natural disasters that happen in Venezuela are floods, mudslides, rockslides, and droughts

What is Venezuela worth?

Venezuela is worth $468.6

Life Expentiony

The life expectancy for males is 72.2 and for females is 78.9

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