Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag provides the ultimate selection of laser tag guns

No bulky, uncomfortable vests to slow you down. To keep players honest, advanced optik sensors attach to the front and back of each players team-colored headband.

All of our laser tag guns are equipped with red and green dot scopes to improve accuracy. Aim the red dot at any of the 3 IR sensors and shoot.

The sensors will flash red or blue when you have successfully targeted your opponent.

A third sensor is located on the front of the gun.

No central computer to limit the battle zone.

patented technology, and built-in redundancy make each laser tagger part of a wireless network on a worldwide license free radio signal.

Master controller

The black button on the right side of the laser tag gun switch’s the firing mode from full auto to semi auto.

Press and release the select fire switch to change from full auto, to semi auto.

To reload, press and release the red button on the left side of the laser tag gun.

make sure to take cover, if you get hit in the during the reload cycle, it start the process over. It will take additional 6 to 8 seconds to reload. The digital display will update when the reload cycle is complete.


(HP) Health Points (A) Ammo (R) Reloads

(H 0) Hits (K 0) Kills or (T 0) Tags (D 0) Deactivated,


  • weighs 4.5lbs
  • firing range of 500 ft
  • Predator muzzle flash
  • recommend environment: indoor / outdoor
The spitfire provides mobility with its relative lightweight. Also has great range considering it’s compact size.


  • weighs 6.6lbs
  • firing range of 500 ft
  • predator muzzle flash
  • recommended environment: Outdoors, with long range shots
The perfect tagger for outdoor game play. Great range.


  • MP7 weighs 5.7 lbs
  • predator muzzle flash
  • firing ranges up to 600 ft
  • recommend environment: any
Great for any game and any terrain


This is SPECIAL weapon class, known as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

  • P90 weighs 3kg (6 lbs).
  • The P90 is 52cm/20" long.
  • The P90 is 23cm/9" tall.
  • The P90 is 5cm/2" wide
  • firing ranges of up to 575 feet
  • Predator muzzle flash
  • Recommend environment: day/ night, indoor, outdoor, in the office.
great choice for close quarters combat


  • weighs 8.4lbs
  • firing range of 600ft
  • predator muzzle flash
  • recommended environment: outdoors, long shots


The Mac 11 is perfect for younger kids 6 years old and up. It weighs just 2.4 pounds.

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