Tensegrity Newsletter December 2016

Hi Tensegrity homies! What an awesome month it has been for us. Practitioners smashing personal and clinic goals, sports day and antics at our company Xmas party, new bubbas being born, burst water pipes and much more. Enjoy our December edition of the staff newsletter.

We have made a final copy of our Vision/ Mission/ Values and I have turned it into a Visual board for us. Here's the link if you want it.

Tensegrity Team getaway

What a relaxing weekend of sun, activities and thanks to Masterchef Chris and his team, an endless supply of food and drink. I don't know about you guys but I still catch myself falling in and out of food comas. Hope you guys had fun.

Behold- Miss Sophia Emma Sincek!

After many long, gruelling hours of labour. The Sinceks have a new addition!! Congrats guys!

The Customer feedback surveys are finally done!!

Please follow the link and comment on the forms to help us make them better!


Remember the purpose of the feedback forms are to help us improve as a clinic and as practitioners and also to let patients know that we are always actively looking at ways to help the community. It also helps us understand where our referrals are coming from. Please let me know if you have any ideas of improvement and I'll action it straight away. We will be attaching this form onto our first annual Tensegrity update to our clients.

Triannual meeting goals

Well done on achieving the goals planned during our previous triannual meeting! Since it will be a quieter few months. Let's focus our energy on creating new networks and nurturing the old ones. The directors have bought 10 bottles of red wine for each clinic so you can give them to your most valued clients. We will also be sending out gift baskets as well so please let us know if there is someone or company that you would love to show your appreciation to.

Corporate Initiatives!!

Click here to enter a short summary of what we have provided to Woolworths as a client. Please feel free to chat with one of the directors about how to create a proposal for your client.

Tensegrity articles

Professors David Tan & Anne Costan have come up with some fantastic ideas for articles that we can offer as free information to our corporate and sporting club clients, for the website and also for facebook.

Please go through the list and choose your topics. I have included a draft of something that it may look like as well to help you guys out. Also, if we can have a name for our articles that would be cool. For corporate articels- I vote

The hunchback of Notre Desk

Tensegrity Mobility products & seminars

As you guys saw on the weekend. We now have mobility packs that we can sell to our clients. Unfortunately we don't have them in the clinic yet but they should arrive next week. The contents will include:

  • 1x solid natural rubber trigger point ball
  • 1x mini foam roller
  • 1x drawstring bag

We are trying to include our mobility manual into the bag as well.

Added gyro ball- not part of set

Preparing Athletics carnival

The crazy time of year has come for us to treat hundreds of kids in 2 days. Anthony has kindly put together a briefing for us and outlined how the day is going to pan out. I can't seem to get it off the presentation so I'll just attach the link to the presentation here so you guys can have a read.

As it can be quite a gruelling 2 days. Please let us know if you need a break or help with anything. Remember that the dress code is anything + our tensegrity shirts, to drink lots of water, eat and most importantly- have a laugh! We will have a gold coin donation box that will be going to amputee association Australia so let your patient know to donate.


Thanks everyone for your hard work this year and I hope our leadership management have matched your expectations. We have a lot of exciting things coming up next year so hold onto your seatbelts. Lastly, Michelle and I are honored to have you guys there to witness our wedding. Please eat, drink and don't forget to dance! Hope to see you guys there. Peace out homies!

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