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Alexander the Great was known as the King of Macedonia. He started his rule very early which questioned other people's trust in him. Could they really trust Alexander to rule their country at age 20? Alexander has been known to be great, of course, but other people have a different opinion. So, was Alexander really all that great or was it just a nickname all along?

Early Life

Alexander was born in 356 BCE in Macedonia. Alexander was the son of King Philip II. When Alexander was a boy, his father hired Aristotle to tutor Alexander in philosophy, poetry, drama, science and politics. After Alexander finished his education, he started off on his first military expedition against the Thracian Tribes. Alexander aided his father during several more battles including the Athenian and Theban tribes.

Alexander and Aristotle

Becoming King of Macedonia

In 336 BCE, King Philip II was killed sometime during Alexander's sister's wedding. Nobody knows exactly how he died but we do know it was near the time of the wedding. Alexander was 19 at the time and he immediately wanted to take the throne to protect his city. He was given the support of the Macedonian army very quickly. Alexander was proclaimed king by the army and the army aided him in killing potential heirs to the throne. Even Olympia helped him reach the throne by killing the daughter of King Philip II and driving Cleopatra to commit suicide.

Campaigns and Conquests

One of Alexanders first conquest as a king was his attack on Thebes. He took over 3,000 men to this battle. This battle showed that Alexander had a great amount of power and intelligence so much that other city-states were intimidated by him. These cities pledged their allegiance to the Macedonian Empire or remained neutral. Alexander conquered several more battles after this, dominating his enemies lands. With Alexanders strong military, they were unstoppable. He was known as the "King of Babylon, King of Asia and King of the Four Quarters of the World."


As Alexander and his army were heading back to Macedonia, Alexander fell ill and died in Babylon, Persia. No one is quite sure how he died but historians say it is most likely because of an illness or disease. He died at age 32 which was quite young. After Alexander died, his empire collapsed and the nations within it battled for the ultimate power.


Alexander left behind a legacy to be remembered for many, many years. The people of Egypt and Asia respected him for being such a great and powerful leader. So was Alexander really all that great? I believe he was great because he was very intelligent, full of courage and bravery and he had great leadership skills. Alexander was an incredible leader that will continue to be remembered for many years to come.


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