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The future of home automation has a name

SmartBug’s team welcomes you and thanks you for the interest shown. From this document, you will be able to download all you’ll need to write about us.

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The device

Just like a regular switch SmartBug hides inside the home walls and creates a smart environment that the user can customize at his/her will.

SmartBug is a user-friendly infrastructure that physically replaces home switches and pays attention to existing habits (on/off), but adds unlimited intelligent capabilities to every appliance in the house.

DON’T CALL ME SWITCH! It’s something more than a regular wall switch: elegant, touch and gesture enabled, capable of achieving all the automation goals of a real smart home, through individual devices installed as a kit of several identical nodes.


The ecosystem

SmartBug’s real potential arises when you instal more devices inside the environment. The devices communicate with one another thus boosting your house’s IQ, allowing the user to also control older generation devices and appliances and optimize the power usage.

The features

Setting up

Brand assets

We have two different versions of SmartBug’s logo. Besides the primary one, which is conform for standard uses, the second version is better suited for more extreme scales down and critical uses where the resolution may compromise its visibility. Every version is available for dark and lighter backgrounds.
The main SmartBug brand logo and payoff
The safe brand logo
SmartBug color reference

The plugin revolution

SmartBug is the first totally autonomous device with which you can automate your home or any other environment.

Through the app, you can install the smart plugins - which will not be stored in the cloud but on the device itself. But why are plugins so important? First and foremost, plugins give SmartBug endless possibilities, and in addition, since it’s an open platform it enables third party developers to create abilities which extend the application. This will truly make the device limitless and will easily support new features that can automate your entire household.

SmartPlugin logo
SmartPlugin categories
SmartPlugin brand colors

SmartBug pics

Different SmartBugs
Lifestyle scenarios

Smartbug People

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SmartBug is a company that was registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce (or board of trade) among the innovative startups. Founded at the end of 2019, SmartBug is a global fabless company whose primary goal is the development of new products and technologies for the rising markets. Capable of strong innovation, SmartBug wants to establish itself as the driving technology in the smart home market and in all the different technological areas of the home ecosystem. Among these we find mobile technologies with high energy sustainability, efficient home automation solutions and a large number of applications that revolve around the creation of smart environments, which adapt in an independent, proactive, and specifically way to the needs and goals of the user to help him in his everyday life.

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