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Spatial Experience: Before having knowledge of this assignment, I never had an idea that we had a theater in the University and honestly as I entered the Constans Theater I got really impressed. The facilities are excellent and the vibe was really good from the get go. The staff were all nice and helped us from the entrance until we were assigned our seats. I got to be in the very first row and this helped me see with more detail every little aspect of the play and watch more closely the actors and their reactions to every iconic part of the play. It was like I could really see the characters feelings and this was very fulfilling for my experience. Once the lights dimmed and the audience got quiet, I felt really excited to start experiencing this play, and space of the theater was perfect, as I said before, I was really impressed by the excellent installations that made me feel like I was in Broadway. It is very satisfying to have something this significant in our university and this translates to a role of place in the Good Life because it makes us feel 1st class and good.

Social Experience: I went to the play by myself and got to meet a girl that was sitting right next to me, this was a good experience because I got to meet someone completely new, with a different major, thoughts, etc. Once we started talking, we exchanged basic info we knew about the play and this was fulfilling because at least I got to share the experience with someone in a similar situation than me. I believe that sharing experiences with friends is essential in life, we need to be open with others and enjoy this with as much people as we can because we only live once, and getting to know people, and cultures is essential.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue of the story was the conflict the main character had over an abuse he suffered by a priest and the resoution of that conflict which lead the main character to react aggressively and severely injure the priest. This story indicates the issues that are real in many institutions throughout history, because the person "perpetrator" formed part of a very important cult (in this case the priest formed part of the wholly church) we silent if they commit any abuse or take any advantage of their position, and we keep this silent to maintain the organization from any damage by these actions. I studied in a catholic school and the leader of the group of priests which my school belonged also got to a similar problem, he had a girlfriend kept in secret and with her they had a son, which violates many principles and rules that priests have to follow. This play makes me realize that even with something like the church which is under our eyes as the must sacred and good institution in the world, there are problems that some people prefer to keep quiet and those who hide the action are as guilty as the ones who makes them.

Emotional Experience: This play gives us an opportunity of Katharsis because we analyze the trajectory of the main character and his family, all the suffering they spent because of the abuses the protagonist suffered, the poor working condition of the mother and the little brother who died under those poor conditions, and with two very clear scenarios were people keep silent, we understand that silence and fear is not an option. Because to live the good life we need to embrace it and live under acceptable conditions, making the best of our rights and freedom without anyone violating any of them or risking our lives. That's the message I got from watching this play and the one I hope everybody who attended got.

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