What is the sun made of By shrenik mamiDala

The sun is made mostly out of gas and that is what people think it is only made of. But they are wrong.

Before we get into what the sun is made of you need to know some key points.

When the sun explodes it doesn't really explode it will just release all its gas and then it gets smaller and smaller until it is gone.

The sun might be beautiful but if you look at it for a while you could become blind

You know how there are spots on the sun, those are just a strong concentration of magnetic flux.

But the sun isn't always peaceful. The suns flare can cause a magnetic storm on the earth and bad things could happen.

Also To much air pollution can make a layer of chemicals that will block off the suns heat freezing everything in earth and blocking the sun.

The suns light and heat will help plants grow making us food so we can live.

Now let's get into the important part, what the sun is made of.

Yes the sun is mostly made of gas but it is also made of other stuff like hydrogen, helium, carbon,and oxygen also .5% of the sun is made of other little elements like neon, iron,magnesium and sulfur.

Have you wondered why the sun is called the sun, well it was named after the sun god sol

The sun was formed from many stars that were dead.

The suns core can get up to temperatures like 27 million degrees ferhenhiet and the normals sun heat like A average heat for the sun is 10,000 degrees ferhenhiet.

The suns UV rays is what causes us to get sun burned and what gets us skin cancer

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