Teaching Historical and Modern Day Injustice of African Americans Defending one another when racial Injustice occurs

S L A V E R Y in the United States of America


First Injustice: Slavery: Stealing Africans from Africa and forcing them to be slaves. These Africans were brutally abused in all forms by slave masters.

Reconstruction and Segregation

Reconstruction era came right after slavery was abolished. Groups like the KKK was formed. Segregation was fought in the 1950's-1960's.

Modern day Injustice of African Americans


Some states ruled that it was okay to not hire someone for having dread locks

Mass Incarceration

The mass incarceration epidemic in a America is huge. Only 13% of African Americans in America. However 35% of prisons are made up by Black people. Coincidence?

Police Brutality

In 2015 1,134 Young black men were killed by police officers. This image displays what one of the victims said 11 times before he was mudered. "I can't breathe".

Defending one another

The goal is for there to be a course at Liberty University that teaches on the historical and present day injustice of African Americans. This course will equip others to stand for what is right. And to be able to defend one another when an injustice or prejudice does occur.


Created with images by xddorox - "Black Lives Matter"

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