TUMBLR Optimized setup

Tumblr set up

Tumblr is the alternative and fun way to blog

Tumblr is a yahoo service with 550 million active monthly users & 280 million blogs

That being said we feel as if Tumblr is just as important as Blogger & Wordpress these three blogs combined open your presence and brand to the widest audience possible

Setting up tumblr is very detailed and full of options.

Here are a list of features, post types and how to optimize the use

Profile building
Tumblr profiles are colorful and dynamic
One main blog
One blog to Hold all your sub blogs
Secondary blogs under main blog
Your categories become secondary blogs
Images formats
Gifs are a big Tumblr feature
Social network integrating
Mae sure all platforms are connected
Analyze your blogs reach
Mobile posting
Use your mobile to update your audience on your brands daily actions
Quote posting
Quotes are great way to grab attention for your brand
Gif posting
Yup again gifs are big here crating gifs for your brand
Video posting
Using your quick videos from YouTube as posts
Scheduled posting
Scheduling posts for peek viewing
Rich texts
Rich texts drive audiences to your Websight and sources
Markdown gives a professional look to your blogs
HTML is great for embedding posts
Embed anything you can to and from Tumblr
Badges are rich follow and share buttons
Follow blogs
Who do you and or your brand follow?
Industry search
Who else is blogging about your industry?
Engagement planning
Plan to engage you must give to receive
Allowing users to engage
How open is your blog for Interaction
And much more
Lets get tumbling
Created By
Roly Daniel


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