Caspian Sea By: Keyonna French and Eva Junion

  • The Caspian Sea
  • This land form is a sea
  • The cite is located between Europe and Asia
  • This sea is the worlds largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area
  • The seas surface area of 371,000 square meters(143,200 miles) and its surface lies 28 meters(92 feet)
  • The Caspian Sea shares the characteristics of both sea and lake
The first picture is what the Caspian Sea looks like on google earth. The second picture is a picture that is taken on the rocks by the sea. The third picture is a person joying the clear waters of the Caspian Sea.


Created with images by WikiImages - "caspian sea satellite photo aerial view" • WikiImages - "caspian sea satellite photo aerial view" • Ninara - "IMG_2145" • Jorge Lascar - "Effortlessly floating on the Dead Sea"

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