Blue Collar company rightfully fired immigrant workers And why He did the right thing

If you were to tell your boss, that you just were not going to show up to work tomorrow and they said ok, but I'm going to fire you the day you comeback. What would you Expect to happen the day you came back? Well you probably thought that you would be fired but these immigrants did not think the same.

Why do these people deserve to be fired? Is what someone may ask.

And the answer is simple the immigrants were fired specifically after being told several times that they would be fired if they did not show up to work that day. Don't defend the immigrants saying they were only fired because they were immigrants, you can't do that because the boss himself was an immigrant.

According to BCI “The reason these employees missed work—to engage in peaceful demonstrations—had nothing to do with BCI’s decision to terminate them.”

According to Jim Serowski :” I took it personal when you didn't show up cause you hurt me, bottomline deal with the contractual obligation.”

small companies like these blue collar businesses are being attacked by the media for being big scary companies when in reality they are just middle class owners that are just trying to get by. So don't play the race card.

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