Perfect Home By FĂ©lix Rioux-Rousseau

In this house, a machine is always there to bake desserts like cupcakes, donuts and cookies. When you will want to eat a dessert, you just have to program it on the machine and it will make it for you fastly. These foods are going to be comforting for you and make you happier than your were. The desserts are going to be personnalized for you because beautiful quotes that are related to you will be served with the pastries.

There is a robot that will be able to take the form you want. It will be a kind of friend for you that would be able to be whatever you want it to be. For example, if you want the machine to be Taylor Swift, it will become Taylor swift until you want it to take back its initial form, a robot. Also, if you want to tell your problems to someone that would help you, like a psychologist, you can ask to the machine to become one. So, this machine will be able to make you smile again and to solve your problems.

A system of voice is installed in the house. Wherever you are, you will be able to talk to it to accomplish the houseworks you don't want to do. For example, if you want your clothes to be washed and you ask to the house to do it, the clothes are going to be brought with a system to the washing machine and your clothes are going to be cleaned.

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