Welcome to our library!

We are so glad you're here!

Let's take a tour!

First things first! Please add my google classroom! The library GC is never about assignments and ALWAYS about giving you information and ideas! (students only, please!)

The code is UVK73ZK

The first thing you see when you enter the library is the Chromebook work order station. This is where you will submit repair requests for your devices if they break. Please always check with me before filling out the sheet and turning in your computer.

Right next to the work order station is the sign in table. This is where students who are visiting on a library pass must sign in and out.

Please use your own pen or pencil to sign in. If you don't have one with you, please use a flower pen from the CLEAN bucket and then put it in the DIRTY bucket.

If you are not coming as a class, the only way to get into the library is with the green pass. Every teacher in the building has one!

This is the hand sanitizer station! If you had to touch anything and are questioning how clean your hands are, please use this station to reduce germ spread!

These machines DO work! Feel free to use them!

Please use hand sanitizer afterwards, for your safety.

Next to our sign in table is our News 2 Know board. This has any important school and library information posted on it throughout the year.

Remember! Be smart and stay 6 feet apart! There are dots in several areas of the library to help you remember and continue to practice this!

If you have something uplifting or positive to add to our awesome circulation desk art, please talk with me and we can work together to figure out a time for you to come in. We only ask that you sanitize the chalk pens after use (I have wipes for that).

Since you can only have TWO books checked out at a time, and books must be returned or renewed every TWO weeks, you need to know where the return slot is! Just look for the red pencil above the circulation desk!

I HIGHLY encourage you to pre-search for books in our library catalog online, and search the shelves with your EYES and not your HANDS.

We are also working on increasing our e-book collection this year!

When you have found the next AWESOME physical book (or books) you plan to read, you will check it out at the computer under the yellow pencil.

E-books are checked out exclusively online through Destiny Discover.

Located on our free standing book shelf in the center of the library are our SC Junior Book Award Nominees. If you read at least 3 of these books by February, you will be able to vote on who you think the winners should be!

On the other side of our freestanding bookshelf are our NEW books! These books have never been read or checked out by anyone! Don't forget to visit this shelf frequently for new books.

Even though we need to be more conscious of spacing in our library, we are still able to use and enjoy our innovative seating. When you come with a class, however, you must sit where assigned.

When choosing your seat in the library, please observe the signs. If there is a sign like this, DON'T SIT THERE and pick a new spot.

Our Non-fiction section (the short stacks) has had a few upgrades to help you find what you are looking for!

The biography section is part of the non-fiction section and contains our collection of non-fiction books about a variety of people.

Use the Biography color chart to help you when searching for biographies that interest you.

The rest of the non fiction picks up where the biographies end. The sections are labeled with cards and several shelf labels. Please DON'T push the cards in on the shelves! They can't be seen or read and can't help the next person when pushed in.

A special section in our library is the Story Collection section. This section holds books that are made up of lots of shorter stories.

Our Spanish section is made up of books written for those who can and want to read books in Spanish.

Our fiction section wraps around 3 walls of the library and begins with our "Special Series" section. Special series are books written for one story or theme by several different authors. We put them together like this so you can find them easier.

The entire fiction section is organized by the author's last name. You may also notice that there are colored bands on the spine of every book. These are to indicate the GENRE of each book and there are signs posted throughout the library to help you identify what you are looking for.

Our graphic novel section is one of the most circulated in the whole library. Please remember as you check these out that there are many students who also want to read these books and return them promptly.

The picture book section is mostly available to teachers, but let me know if you are interested in any titles from here.

The upper shelf is not off limits to anyone, but since some of these books are approaching high school level content and themes, please think carefully about any choices from here.

Regardless of where in the library you get a book from, if you start reading it and it doesn't seem right for you, it is ALWAYS OK to put it down, return it, and pick a new book!

We hate closing the library, but it DOES happen. Make sure you go STRAIGHT back to class if you come by and we are closed!

There are two stations by each TV that are logged into the school's library catalog. This is to allow you to look for topics, authors, and key phrases in order to find the books that interest you the most.

You can also do this from YOUR computer by logging into www.destiny.lex2.org. Let's add some bookmarks to your chromebooks now so you can easily access the library online for the rest of the year!

Finally, remember that the library loves you! This is a place meant to make you smile! Let's have a great year together reading lots of books!


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