The magic of 6th grade science By: gabriel cortez

Today, I will explain my most favorite subject i learned in Pre-Ap science... SPACE!!! I learned mostly about the facts of each planet, which in my eyes is insanely easy. I explained Sputnik 1 and how it was about the size of a beach ball and how it was the first manmade satilite that was ever launched into orbit. Learning about space inspired me to learn farther than the solar system. I learned that the moon was the first natural satalite, and that stars were born from nebula (as seen in the back of the title).

Here is a couple of things i learned: the highest phase of a star is a hypergiant, at the center of every galaxy is believed to have a super massive black hole,the smallest unit of measurement is angstroms and the biggest unit of measurement is yattaparasecs.


We did an experiment where we each grabbed an edge of a quilt and put a bowling ball in the center, we then moved the ball with the quilt and learned about albert einstein's theory about how the universe is curved by mass.

i love being in science, it is so fun to learn new things every day and week.

-Gabriel Cortez


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