Garden for disabled people Juul uilenreef

My ideas for a disabled garden

Nice smelling and looking flowers.

Jasmine, sweet pea, rose, chocolate cosmos, alyssum.

My mindmap on the garden

I made a mindmap with ideas for people with disabilities, lots of comfortable benches for people who have trouble walking, wide straight paths for blind people and wheelchairs, no stairs and textures on paths to know where you are walking.
Article on the basics of garden design.

I used this site

This is an article I found on the basics of garden design. It gives you minimum measurements for the things in your garden. The site has a lot of helpful advice for example about fast growing plants to fill up space, the measurements of good paths and plants to use. It also gives design ideas such as archways, bridges and patios.

Paths should be no less than 5 feet, make sure everyone has enough space on patio/something like that, archways should at least be 7 feet long.
Article on designing a disabled garden.

I used this site

This is an article I found specialised on designing a garden for disabled people. Plenty of seats, no sharp edges, letting disabled people help in the garden, paths should be bigger than 1 metre and paving should be non slip.


My mood board for the garden. You can see lots of plants, a small fountain, a small patio/place to drink something outside and people with disabilities helping in the garden.
Research plan. Important things to think about while designing the garden.

Results of my survey, filled out by peers.

CAD drawing
I sent out a survey to receive feedback on my design
Testing methods

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