My Interpretation of Tattoos On the Heart By Luke Capoun

Father Gregory Boyle in his office

Chapter 2: The name and theme of this chapter is dis-grace. It is called disgrace because many of the homeboys Greg worked with lived with ,as Father G says,"a palpable sense of disgrace strapped on to the back of homies like an oxygen tank". Many of the homies lived with disgrace and did not try to do anything about it. My favorite story was about Speedy and how he changed his life after constantly being in trouble. Speedy used to walk into enemy territory and aggravate them purposefully, but he wanted to change and he did. Speedy saw and knew he was a disgrace but decided to change and now he has three kids. This relates to my life because I feel like a disgrace sometimes but I know that somebody, especially God, does love me.

Chapter 4:Water, Oil, and Flame. This chapter is called water, oil, and flame, because it tells stories of homies who were ignited in faith. The story I chose was about George and Cisco. George was working to get his GED and decided to get baptized at the same time for a double celebration. On his baptism day his brother Cisco was killed, so Father G went and told George. When he told him George was calm because God had been ignited in him and he knew that being mad was not right. This relates to my life because I need to know what is right and wrong and God can help me do that.

Chapter 5: Slow Work

Chapter 5 is called slow work because it tells stories of homies who were resistant at first but changed their minds due to the slow work of God. My favorite story from this chapter was about Grumpy. Father G met Grumpy at a mass at Camp Munz and G gave him a business card and told him to come by to remove his tattoos. Grumpy became mad and yelled at him, but later Father G sees Grumpy at a basketball game and Grumpy says he will come by soon. This relates to my life because I often get frustrated and want to give up, but God leads me in the right direction to realize what I should really do.

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