Changing America for the better. Barack Obama and his run as the president of the united states.

In 2009, Barack Obama had become the President of the United States of America. Obama had become the president after winning an election in which he beat John McCain, another presidential candidate. On January 20th, 2009 Obama was sworn into office as president. This would mark the beginning of the 8 years in which Obama's presidency would occur. The decisions Obama would make would probably impact the United states.

One of the reasons Obama was so popular was due to his optimism. He would talk about how he would bring change to America. This had a positive effect on the people and helped make them like Obama. This worked out for him as it's good when the people like their president. This positivity can help America in ways that are beneficial to the country or the people.

Not everyone liked Obama however. Obama is part of the Democratic party. This meant that most of those who were of the Republican party were not on his side. The Democrats and Republicans have been known to disagree with each other on political topics. Regardless of this, Obama did not seem to mind this that much.

Obama is the first African American to become the President of the United States. This had shown that much progress has made in America in terms of civil rights. Him becoming president that anyone american can become president, regardless of their skin tone. The president seemed to be a fan of progress because one of his slogans during election campaign was "Change we can Believe in." It means that change is possible if you try to succeed.

Obama's presidency meant that he would have to make some decisions for America. One of things he made a decision on was healthcare. Obama had signed in the Affordable care act. The affordable care act had also been called Obamacare. Obamacare was intended to improve health insurance.

Obama was not just president for one term. Obama ran for re-election after his first term was up. He would be up against his opponent candidate Mitt Romney. Obama had won the election and stayed as president for another four years. Barack Obama was sworn in again on January 20th, 2013.

His second term was relatively successful. Obama seemed to make good decisions overall. He had been president already so by the second term he seemed to know what he was doing. Being in the White house for 8 years seemed to work out for him. His second run seemed to be a good idea for the people of America.

Obama has been president for about 8 years. He seemed to be a great president for America. While not everyone like him, he appeared to be popular with most Americans. His presidency was successful in the long run. That run is coming to an end soon however, as of January 20th, 2017 Donald Trump is going to become the new President of the United States. In the end, Barack Obama had success in his presidency of the United States of America.


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