APHG Urban/Agriculture Extra Credit Aidan Lamkin

Fort Worth- Multiple Nuclei Model

New Urbanism

In the fairmount neighborhood they are referbishing old houses that were run down to make the neighborhood look nice, which is a great example of new urbanism because it gives that area a sense of newness.

Urban Sprawl

A few years ago, near by lake trinity there was no buildings for a couple of miles, but noe there are new buisinesses and homes being built right by the lake at the edge of Fort Worth.


At the top of magnolia plaza there are very pricy apartments in the middle of town where lower income residents used to live, but where moved later after the land value increased dramatically. This does have a negative affect for the lower income residents because they now have to travel further to there jobs in downtown.

Lowest Developed Part of Town

Here off of 287 is the least developed part of Fort Worth. They have businesses such as Patsy's Chicken and Donuts to offer low priced food for the lower income residents of Fort Worth.

Most Developed Part of Town

Over by Camp Bowie is the most Developed Part of Fort Worth with expansive and expensive houses and businesses. A country club is in this part of town in order to give the higher income residents a place of luxury and entertainment.


The main transportation in Fort Worth are buses and the TRI. These modes of transport are useful for people that don't have a car and most of the money produced by these systems go to the city for future projects and city improvements.

Cultural Landscape

The First United Methodist Church located on 800 west 5th street isjust outside of the CBD and right before the start of neighborhoods.


The stockyards are just a couple of minutes outside of downtown and are used to auction off livestock.

From the Grocery Store

(Corn Starch used is a GMO)

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