Village Of Pulaski Local Government Project

Village Municipal Building address: 585 E Glenbrook Dr Pulaski, WI 54162

Map of Village


1.) Pulaski paid $61,299.36 to fix roads and build new ones

2.) Police station upgrade for $624

3.) Presented idea to buy new 2017 police squad vehicle

4.) A petition and request was granted to have 3 dogs as listed at their resiedence

5.) For 3rd Quarter 2016 Fire Runs, Pulaski needed to pay the fire department $2,322.90

The Pulaski fire department needed to be paid $2,322.90, so the village had to use its money to pay for all the runs they make. The village is going to pay the fire department, so they can continue to provide the service for the people. I agree with the decision to pay the fire department. I think they should pay by using tax money because the people who pay taxes are the same people who are protected by the fire department. Since the fire department would go to anyone's house to protect them, the village can use their tax money to pay for it.

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